Up The Owls!

It is with great honour that Yano Da! has been made the main sponsor of Ernie's Owls F.C. 

Formed in 2012 under the beady eye and tutelage of Ernest Pot-Owl; whom is for five-a-side what Patches O'Houlihan is for dodgeball, The Owls quickly ascended the Queen Mary Football League taking in successive titles along the way. As with all icons of sport, things would come to an end, with graduation came retirement. The glory days lost to the depths of memory, The Owls were eager to reform and take on a new Borough.

2019 bares witness to the resurrection of The Owls. Always keen to support those on the fringes and champion the underground Yano Da! & The Owls have teamed up offering sponsorship and match day coverage.

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